Here We Go

After talking frequently about starting our own business, we finally did it! So introducing: Tobias Rechsteiner and Daniel Eytan Schneider, partners at prolog.

Let’s take it to the beginning: at Paul Lincke Ufer in Berlin (don’t worry, we will keep it short) where we met for the first time through mutual friends. We quickly became friends, as we both share the same passions for typography, technology, music and podcasts. One year later our first opportunity to work together presented itself in a pitch with the Zürich based Design-Agency Eclat for the Flughafen Zürich. Not only did we have a great time working on this project, we were also very successful and won the pitch. Since then we’ve worked together when ever possible!

And now, after many years as freelancers and full-time creatives working with and for multiple creative studios, we decided to do the next big step in our careers and start a company together. While we are excited in starting our own business, what appeals most to us is following our own philosophy and creating a work process that feels natural to us. We aim to not track our projects through time spent on them, but by efficiently working and evenly splitting large projects that ladder back up to our clients’ goals. We also plan to work together with clients, instead of just being a vendor consideration set. We are different from the rest, we think through our creative versus making lorem ipsum text beautiful. You will see that we have the right attitude and are not scared to take risks! 

Wherever prolog takes us, we’re very excited to start this and can’t wait to work with many inspiring and passionated people, including creative freelancers, full-time team members and clients.

Thank you for reading our first blog post, it’s getting real now. Let’s do this!