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Mumien – Rätsel der Zeit

Signage and Interactive Design

While working on the mummy exhibition communication design, we were also asked to create signage and interactive design in collaboration with scenography studio, Emyl. As well as designing the exhibition texts, we created the analog and digital stations. Museum visitors could learn more about the displayed mummies in an interactive, playful way.

Mumien Ausstellung
Mumien Plaettchen

The exhibition in the Natural History Museum revealed the broad spectrum of world mummies, categorized according to the different mummifying processes.

Img 3232
Figuring out the best font-size for the texts
Img 4070
…as well as the position for all the text panels

Alongside the main room-texts, we created animated quizzes illustrated by Alice Kolb and animated by Manuel Bürkli.


A snippet of the quiz, showing an ibex. Illustrated by Alice Kolb, animated by Manuel Bürkli.

A snippet of the quiz, showing a lizard. Illustrated by Alice Kolb, animated by Manuel Bürkli.

A snippet of the quiz, showing a ferred. Illustrated by Alice Kolb, animated by Manuel Bürkli.

The most well-known and studied mummy is the well-preserved Ötzi. Ötzi lived around 3,300 B.C.E. and is Europe’s oldest known natural human mummy. He has offered an unprecedented glimpse into the prehistoric age of Chalcolithic Europeans. A touchscreen, as big as Ötzi offers visitors the chance to explore the discoveries made by scientists.

Mumien Wip

The last exhibition room focuses on egyptian mummies. To display the complicated mummification process we developed an illustrative table in collaboration with Emyl and Alice Kolb.

Tisch 2
Tisch 3

We also developed the communication design for the exhibition. Feel free to check out the case study.

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