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Mumien – Rätsel der Zeit

Communication Design and Development

The Natural History Museum in Basel hosts one of the biggest mummy exhibitions in the world, with more than 70 animal and human mummies. Our task was to create the communication and exhibition design for this impressive collection.


The main entrance of the museum with the flags for the exhibition

An egyptian sarcophagus is what everyone typically has in mind when picturing a mummy. The truth is, most mummies are created and preserved by nature. These include favorable soils and climates, particularly cold and arid areas with ice and peat bogs. The exhibition in the Natural History Museum displayed a broad spectrum of these preservations around the world, explaining the different mummifying processes.

Mummy Neu

The images for the design were shot by Gregor Brändli.

All the posters and flyers were printed at Gremper AG in Pratteln, Switzerland. This is Tobias checking the proof and making some final adjustments to the main colors.

Wip Mumien
Mumien Plakate A2

The two main posters

The poster on the left shows a group of mummies found at the Andine coast – a woman and two babies dating around 12th to 14th century. The one on the right shows an ibex mountain goat, discovered in Valais, Switzerland around 1950.

The website


Backlit poster with the ibex mountain goat


Large backlit poster in the museum’s entrance


Banner in Basel’s Freie Strasse

Flyer Cover

Flyer for the exhibition

Flyer Aufgeklappt

Animated poster on the information screen at the main station in Basel.

The ‘making-of’ shot by Gregor Brändli.

We also did the information design for the exhibition. Feel free to check out the case study.