Tdr Hands Neu

The Dark Rooms

Strategy and Communication Design

“The Dark Rooms” is an art exhibition in the heart of Berlin. Located in the beautiful old Willner-Brewery this exhibition, true to its name, is experienced in the dark. Few areas will light the artworks only partially, so that visitors remain in the shadows. Prolog accompanied the process from concept to marketing and communication. The exhibition, open for only six hours, was visited by 2,500 people.


The endless line in front of the Willner-Brewery

Tdr Plakat

The poster for the exhibition


Credit cards as tickets


The Credit cards/tickets were sent with personalized letters

Tdr Font Construction

A customized typeface was created for the project: the uppercase O’s were replaced with rectangles to emphasise “room” in the title.

Tdr Font

Typeface Main TDR

Dsc 0472Web1000

Exhibition view, Olaf Bastigkeit – Salomés Dance, 2016

Dsc 0771Web1000

Exhibition view, Jürgen Schwämmle – Disposable Gods


The Exhibition was created in collaboration with: Sven SauerJeroen CremersClara Cremer and Jürgen Schwämmle

Images of the Exhibition: Carsten Beier