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As a team of digital strategists, designers and software engineers, we help our clients to turn their ideas into memorable digital products.

Our Services

First and foremost, we want to get to know our clients and understand their challenges in-depth to create a collaborative and successful digital solution. At first, we:

  • Collaboratively create their digital strategies,
  • Bring structure to their content, and
  • Create applicable user journeys.

Once we nailed down the specifics of the briefing together, we use design and technology to:

  • Convert ideas into prototypes,
  • Design easy to access user interfaces, and
  • Craft lightning fast web applications.

Lastly, with everything we do we want to:

  • Create a more accessible web
  • Tell captivating stories, and
  • Build long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners.

The sky is the limit, but there are still a few things we won’t do:

  • Not question the briefing,
  • Use off-the-shelf templates, and
  • Deploy on Fridays.
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Our essential intent

The web is filled with distracting experiences and confusing user interfaces. We believe that digital products should feel natural to use, are accessible and welcoming, well designed, and help our clients services shine.

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Free Guides through exhibitions belong to the great benefits of making websites for Museums.

Our Process

We work in close and transparent collaboration with our clients. Our clients are fully involved in the process. We know that the best result is achieved if we and our clients work as partners.

Every project starts with a kick-off Workshop and a research phase to check the current state, identify the scope of the collaboration and exchange the vision and the goal of the project. We’ll then write a statement of work that outlines the project in its full scope.

Once the project is kicked off, we’ll work in weekly sprints. They enable us to pivot proactively rather than simply following a script. Our agile working methods are designed to minimize risks and undesirable results in the development process.

While we help our clients build representative and high-quality websites and apps, our main target group is our clients' customers and the users of the products we build.

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Our working Conditions

  • 4-day work-week
  • 6-weeks holidays
  • Remote First
  • Financial Transparency
  • Profitshare
  • Fair Wage Model