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Digital Democracy

A Chat App as Museumsguide

The Polit-Forum in Bern is an association supported by the canton and the city of Bern for public political debate and opinion forming. In the Käfigturm in the middle of Bern’s old town, the Polit-Forum organizes its own events and exhibitions on political topics and puts them up for discussion.

At the end of April 2021, the exhibition “Digital Democracy - An Interactive Journey into the Political Future” opened its doors. Visions and research results on the topic of the entry of digital technologies into politics were presented on three floors.

Prolog was commissioned with the conception and development of a novel museum guide that would lead visitors through the exhibition in a playful way.

Following the widely used concept of messaging apps on mobile devices, the app was designed as an “interactive chat” through which a virtual character guides visitors through the exhibition via text and voice messages and conveys the content.

Mini-games, interviews and videos create variations in the media offered and enable a varied examination of the topic.

The project was realized in close collaboration with the scenographers Andrina Casutt and Rebekka Ammann and the graphic designer Alena Stählin.